Ethos (Key ideas that we ascribe to which will help you to evaluate if you jive with us).
  1. Experimental: We need many more fresh expressions of gospel in our changing world.
  2. Post-modern/industrial/Christian: The western world is changing dramatically and the church is struggling to keep up.
  3. Urban: Urban is not just a place; it is about high connectivity, large populations, growing diversity.
  4. Incarnational: Local and relational is how the gospel takes root in the cracks of a post-everything society.
  5. Missio Dei: God is already active. We are trying to see and hear before joining in.
Values (What we desire at our core and naturally act from; our modus operandi)
  1. Humility:  We are learners first. We have some things to offer because of our awareness of how the role of churches and will continue to change, but we think of ourselves as followers of Jesus in service to the church and community, learning everything we can along the way.
  2. Creativity:  We seek to ask questions that enable breakthroughs. We want our questions to be undergirded by innovation, imagination and risk, coupled with sustainability, prayerful reflection, and wisdom. For us creativity is garnered from a radical dependence on the Holy Spirit.
  3. Relationality:  We care about depth of relationship in a fast-paced, digital world. Deep means face-to-face and local.
  4. Story:  Thinking constructively about how we communicate stories is profoundly important to us. We strive to communicate the works going on around us and promote the positive to enrich our communities.
  5. Health: We care about sustainable practices and patterns of ministry for individuals and organizations.